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ARIS/www Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 15704
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Property Name Beaverdell Mine
Mining Division(s) Greenwood
Camp Beaverdell Area
NAD 27:
Latitude: 49 25 00 Longitude: 119 04 00 UTM: 11  350104  5475611
NAD 83:
Latitude: 49 25 00 Longitude: 119 04 04 UTM: 11  350028  5475832
NTS: 082E06E
BCGS: 082E045
Title of Report FAME Supported Diamond Drill Program plus Surface Stripping and Trenching at the Beaverdell Mine
Affidavit Date 1987-03-31
Claim(s) Idaho (L.2362), Idaho 1 (L.3690s), Highlander Fr. (L.2344), Bell (L.2343), Castor Fr. (L.2278), Beaver (L.2342), Highland Lass (L.2341), Rob Roy (L.2093), Gem Fr. (L.2347)
Operator(s) Teck Ex.
Owner(s) Teck Ex.
Author(s) Murton, J.W.
Report Year 1986
No. of Pages 184 Pages
Off Confidential 1988-03-31
Commodities Search For Silver, Gold, Cadmium, Lead, Zinc
General Work Categories Drilling, Physical
Work Done
DrillingDiamond surface43 hole(s); BQ;2700.0 m; No. of maps: 4; Scale(s) : 1:5882, 1:1200
Diamond underground103 hole(s); EX;6947.0 m; No. of maps: 1; Scale(s) : 1:1200
GeochemicalSampling/assaying270 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed ForGold, Silver
PhysicalTrench15 trench(es);340.0 m
Geological Summary Silver-bearing veins striking northeast and east occupy a north- easterly structural zone of a large body of Cretaceous quartz diorite. The quartz veins vary from 15 centimetres to 2 metres in width, averaging about 30 centimetres. The veins and mineralization are offset by severe faulting.
MINFILE Nos. 082ESW030, 082ESW039, 082ESW040, 082ESW067, 082ESW069, 082ESW133, 082ESW145


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