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ARIS/www Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 15766
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Property Name Moyie River
Mining Division(s) Fort Steele
Camp Purcell Belt (Sullivan)
NAD 27:
Latitude: 49 23 22 Longitude: 116 01 08 UTM: 11  571202  5470994
NAD 83:
Latitude: 49 23 22 Longitude: 116 01 12 UTM: 11  571119  5471212
NTS: 082F08E
BCGS: 082F040
Title of Report Evaluation of Placer Potential of the Moyie River Exploration Project
Affidavit Date 1987-03-31
Claim(s) Placer Lease 1775
Operator(s) Queenstake Resources Ltd.
Owner(s) Queenstake Resources Ltd.
Author(s) Henrick, M.P.
Report Year 1986
No. of Pages 28 Pages
Off Confidential 1988-03-31
Commodities Search For Gold
General Work Categories Geochemical, Physical
Work Done
GeochemicalMetallurgic2 sample(s)
Geological Summary The property is underlain by Proterozoic Aldrdige Formation sediments and a diorite sill. Tertiary channel gravels parallel the northwest bank of the Moyie River. The channel is buried beneath 10.6 - 14.0 metres of till and gravel.
MINFILE Nos. 082FSE102


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