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ARIS/www Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 16954
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Property Name Zip
Mining Division(s) Liard
NAD 27:
Latitude: 56 40 16 Longitude: 131 18 24 UTM: 9  358651  6282941
NAD 83:
Latitude: 56 40 15 Longitude: 131 18 31 UTM: 9  358536  6283127
NTS: 104B11W
BCGS: 104B064
Title of Report 1987 Geological and Geochemical Report on the Iskut River Project
Affidavit Date 1987-12-03
Claim(s) Zip 5-8
Operator(s) Rocky Mountain Energy Corp.
Owner(s) Hagemoen, I.
Author(s) Burson, M.J.
Report Year 1987
No. of Pages 37 Pages
Off Confidential 1988-12-03
Commodities Search For Nepheline Syenite
General Work Categories Geochemical, Geological
Work Done
GeochemicalHeavy minerals9 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed ForGold, Silver
Rock45 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed ForGold, Silver
Silt48 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed ForGold, Silver
Soil217 sample(s); No. of maps: 3; Scale(s) : 1:10 000
Elements Analyzed ForGold, Silver
GeologicalGeological1800.0 ha; No. of maps: 1; Scale(s) : 1:10 000
Geological Summary The north half of the property contains thin-bedded to massive, often argillaceous limestone with minor intercalated mafic tuffs. The southern half is dominated by syenite with lesser nepheline syenite and diorite. Biotite and actinolite skarns have formed along the western contact between the syenites and the limestones.
MINFILE Nos. 104B 123


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