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ARIS/www Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 19839
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Property Name Second Relief
Mining Division(s) Nelson
Camp Ymir - Nelson Area
NAD 27:
Latitude: 49 19 30 Longitude: 117 23 00 UTM: 11  472144  5463437
NAD 83:
Latitude: 49 19 30 Longitude: 117 23 04 UTM: 11  472064  5463657
NTS: 082F06W
BCGS: 082F034
Title of Report Report of Work Second Relief Project
Affidavit Date 1990-03-22
Claim(s) Second Relief (L. 2463), Erie 1-5
Operator(s) Hawkeye Dev.
Owner(s) Hawkeye Dev.; Homestead Resources Inc.
Author(s) Ostensoe, Erik A.
Report Year 1990
No. of Pages 152 Pages
Off Confidential 1991-03-22
Commodities Search For Gold
General Work Categories Drilling, Geochemical, Geological, Geophysical, Physical
Work Done
DrillingDiamond surface14 hole(s); NQ;946.0 m
Percussion12 hole(s);1556.0 m
GeochemicalSampling/assaying1108 sample(s); No. of maps: 2; Scale(s) : 1:200
Elements Analyzed ForGold
Soil87 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed ForGold, Copper, Antimony, Arsenic
GeologicalGeological250.0 ha; No. of maps: 1; Scale(s) : 1:5000
Petrographic7 sample(s)
GeophysicalElectromagnetic, ground48.0 km; VLF; No. of maps: 2; Scale(s) : 1:2500
Magnetic, ground48.0 km; No. of maps: 2; Scale(s) : 1:2500
Seismic1.0 km
PhysicalLine/grid48.0 km
Topographic/photogrammetric600.0 ha
Trench0 trench(es);350.0 m
Keywords Rossland Group, Elise Formation, Volcanics, Archibald Formation, Metasediments, Nelson Intrusions, Shear zones, Skarns, Pyrite, Pyrrhotite, Gold
MINFILE Nos. 082FSW187
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