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ARIS/www Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 37087
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Property Name Eldorado
Mining Division(s) Atlin
NAD 27:
Latitude: 58 42 53 Longitude: 133 07 52 UTM: 8  608254  6509587
NAD 83:
Latitude: 58 42 54 Longitude: 133 07 59 UTM: 8  608136  6509824
NTS: 104K11E
BCGS: 104K075
Title of Report Geological and Geochemical Survey on the Eldorado Property
Affidavit Date 2017-08-31
Claim(s) 1046466, 1046465
Operator(s) J2 Syndicate Holdings Ltd.
Owner(s) J2 Syndicate Holdings Ltd.
Author(s) Benz, Diana
Report Year 2017
No. of Pages 227 Pages
Off Confidential 2018-08-31
Commodities Search For Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Zinc
General Work Categories Geochemical
Work Done
GeochemicalRock57 sample(s); No. of maps: 1; Scale(s) : 1:10 000
Elements Analyzed ForMultielement
Silt7 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed ForMultielement
Soil45 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed ForMultielement
Keywords Cretaceous, Cretaceous, Windy Table Complex, Windy Table Complex, Quartz diorites, Quartz diorites, Triassic, Triassic, Stuhini Group, Stuhini Group, Conglomerates, Conglomerates, Coarse Clastic Sedimentary Rocks, Coarse Clastic Sedimentary Rocks, Argillites, Argillites, Greywackes, Greywackes, Wackes, Wackes, Conglomerate turbidites, Conglomerate turbidites, Basaltic volcanic rocks, Basaltic volcanic rocks, Jurassic, Jurassic, Laberge Group, Laberge Group, Takwahoni Formation, Takwahoni Formation, Andesitic volcanics, Andesitic volcanics, Volcaniclastic rocks, Volcaniclastic rocks, Pyrite, Arsenopyrite, Sphalerite, Galena, Stibnite, Pyrrhotite, Chalcopyrite, Shear zones, Carbonate alteration
MINFILE Nos. 104K 074, 104K 090, 104K 144
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